GT20 SUMMIT, 9th - 10th December 2023

GT20 Summit (Summit of Gnarly Troop with 20 countries)

The 2023 GT20 Summit focuses on realizing the opportunities of the 21st Century for all. After hosting the GT20 Summit, 2022 in New Delhi, the 2nd Edition will be hosted by Gnarly Troop Global Federation in the National Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, from 9th-10th December, 2023. The summit vision is based on the 4C's i.e. Climate, Community, Culture and Cooperation. The GT20 Summit delegates are welcomed with the protocol of the hosting country and Gnarly Troop. This year our agenda is based on the Global Network for Active and Responsible Leadership amongst Youths. So we are ready for the cooperation and participation of GT20 Delegates from twenty countries like diplomats, officers, ambassadors, doctors, scientists, engineers, young leaders, entrepreneurs, global alumni and social workers. Know More

Gnarly Troop Federation Hosted GT20 Summit

Gnarly Troop Federation welcomed Youths for Internship, Camps and Volunteering from worldwide for many projects and missions to safeguard Climate, Community, Culture and Cooperation of the World.

Gnarly Troop Global Federation is a Non-Profit Organisation

It (founded by Amarjeet Gnarly) has been working in 20 countries for a long time. It engages youth with international discourse from eminent institutions, colleges and universities of many countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place to live. We do this by supporting children, youth, young people, institutions and the community as a whole.

4C's Model of GT20

4 Goals to transform our world

Goals to transform our world through 4C's model with sustainable growth for everyone on our planet Earth.


Earth’s global climate is changing and it is observable due to its effects on the environment. Its scale is unprecedented and would be catastrophic in near future.GT20 Summit focuses on the key sector of Climate where action can make the most difference—heavy industry, nature-based solutions, cities, energy, resilience, and climate finance to make a difference.


Community is a circle in which common life is living.Community is a group of people with a definite area or locality and having a strong sense of belongingness among each other and includes in itself all our social relationships.GT20 Summit focuses on developing policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.


Culture is not inheritable but is learned and shared in every aspect of human lives. Culture shapes the personality of individuals and gives rise to diversity. Today due to forced assimilation, exclusion and systemic discrimination authentic cultures, stories and knowledge are in constant threat of being lost.GT20 Summit focuses on the preservation of separate cultures and identities. Intercultural dialogue seeks to establish linkages and common ground between different cultures, communities, and people, promoting understanding and interaction.


Cooperation is the foundation of Unity. This unity allows society to exist. Consensus holds society together and it is cooperation which points up and strengthens the harmony.GT20 Summit views this world with curiosity that the bright day break of peace & brotherhood can become a reality. It belongs to the journey where we can find the amazing feelings with the hard truth of the past to experience the glorious tomorrow in peace and unity!

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It does matter how you evaluate yourself, because it helps you to identify why you are going after anything.Without goals, you will be like a ship that is adrift in the ocean without a destination. Very few experiences will fill you with as much gratitude and fulfilment as volunteering, internship, touring and camping with Gnarly Troop Adventure.








What we do

Due to the powers vested in its Charter and its unique global vision based on 4Cs i.e. Climate, Community, Culture and Cooperation, the Gnarly Troop considering the motion on the issues confronting humanity in the 21st century, including


Structure of the
Gnarly Troop

Featured stories from the Gnarly Troop and our global family of organisations, funds, and initiatives.


Amarjeet Kr. Thakur

He is now recognized as Amarjeet Gnarly and has championed a strong people's culture, which is underlined by its desire to increase diversity and inclusivity, which has been acknowledged with great appreciation.

Gnarly Global Board Committee

Prof. Group captain O. P. Sharma

Gnarly Global Board Committee is the supreme board of Gnarly Troop which governs the structure & functioning of Gnarly Troop International. The Gnarly word is prefixed to each & every honourable position of this Gnarly Global Board Committee.

Gnarly Troop High Commission

It is headed by Gnarly Brigadier with coordination of Gnarly Global Board Committee & President Gnarly. There are 19 eminent positions on the Gnarly High Commission, where GT12 are women, to represent Gnarly Special Envoys- the Twelve main wings/ missions/ objectives.

Gnarly Reporting Body

It’s headed by a Gnarly Wing Commander where Troops/State Secretary report regarding projects, status of mission & / for action which needs to be taken for a particular situation/crafted plan.

Gnarly Team

Gnarly Team for Sustainable Inter-cultural and Inclusive Education with many nation's troops to assist you for being critical analysts with team spirit and open mindedness for global innovation & attitude for cross border relationship.

Troop Team

The troop is currently run by its youth leaders under the guidance of the Troop Coordinator and his assistants. They plan the program, conduct troop meetings, and provide leadership among their peers.

Key Issues

Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

Gnarly focuses on the Economic Growth and Sustainable Development of country.

International Peace & Security

Gnarly focuses on the International Peace & Security of country.

Human Rights

Gnarly focuses on the International Peace & Security of country.

Humanitarian Assistance

Gnarly focuses on the Humanitarian Assistance.

Violence Prevention

Gnarly focuses on the prevention of violence between society.

Drug Control

Gnarly focuses on the controlling of drugs.

Crime Prevention

Gnarly focuses on the prevantion of Crime.

Counter Terrorism

Gnarly focuses on the countering of terrorism.

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The Earth's global climate is changing and observable due to its overall environmental effects. Its magnitude is unprecedented and is expected to be catastrophic in the near future.
Community is a circle in which common life is living. Community is a group of people with a defined region or locality and a strong sense of belonging between them and includes in itself all our social relations.


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Culture is not inherited, but is learned and shared in every aspect of human life. Culture shapes individual's personalities and engenders diversity.
Cooperation is the foundation for Unity. This unity brings society into existence. Consensus holds society together and it is cooperation which enhances and strengthens harmony.


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Youth delegates prior to a session of the 14th annual International Human Rights Summit

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“We are very excited to adventurous youth in Gnarly Internship, Camping or as volunteers on the mission using the methodology Learning by doings with a great emphasis on Intercultural along with nonformal education methods as : Forum theatre, youth exchange program, Story Telling, Inter Cultural projects, Living Library, Troops Camping about Discovering the Rural Tradition through Story Telling and Prepare here to be loyal which will have impact on Young participant & Local Communities for being rich cultured with tag of Gnarly Troop. It’s the way where we create the sense of Communal Harmony too.

Educating the children with all due care is privilege for us and our volunteers consider it as one of the best community development projects in Gnarly Troop adopted village.

Camping with Troops : Why Camping with Troop? “For those who have troubles sleeping... researchers say one week of camping without electronics reset our biological body clock and synchronizes our melatonin hormones with sunrise and sunset.”

GT Donations: The children in Gnarly Troop Village enjoys the moment of lunch time and Troop Academy educates and promotes them with dialogue “There is always a scope of improvement”.

TROOPS RESCUE CAMP: The shelter camp in Gnarly Troop Premises during floods in north Bihar