Meet the Gnarly Team

Gnarly Team is a special team of Gnarly Troop who communicates directly to President about mission through Gnarly Charter. Reporting Body of Gnarly Global Board Committee is represented by Gnarly Troop Coordinator which includes the positions of Gnarly Programme Officer, Gnarly Spokesperson, Gnarly Scribe (secretary), Gnarly-Weatherman & Gnarly Visionary Officer. Gnarly Charter is authorized person directly appointed by President to act as bridge for all gnarly hierarchies and regarded as Gnarly Troop International Envoy.

Arunk Nair

Vice President, Gnarly Troop Global Federation

Mr. Ankit Srivastava

Executive Community Director

CA Pankaj Singh

Executive Financial Advisor

Dr. Shilpi Singh Shekhawat

Executive Program Director

Dr Bhaskar Swami

Vice President, Gnarly Troop Foundation

Dr. Manisha Singh

Cultural Secretary

Dr Sumer Singh Rathore

Executive Association Director

Paula Milos

Gnarly Charter

Roxana Stefen

Functional Division

Agniwesh Singh

Development Director


Communication Head

Kajal Rathore

Executive Committee Member

Prashant Mishra

Executive Committee Member, Gnarly Troop

Soare Catalin

Go Green Project Head

Anjali Rana

Gnarly Spokes Person

Dr. Devendra Goswami

Gnarly Sepheral

Prerna Bhardwaj

Troop Coordinator

Ahmet(with European Troop)

Gnarly Envoy

Sumit Kansal

Email :

Dr Swarnima Luthra

Chief Association Executive

Mohak Singh

Troop Program Officer

Dr. Satyam Bhashkar

Health Secretary, Gnarly Troop

Pof. H.K Singh

Gnarly Patron

Prachi Tehlan

Climate Change Ambassador

Naveen Kumar

State Gnarly Troop Vice President for Delhi

Mr. Kedar

Assistant Commercial Officer.


Data Manager, Gnarly Troop

Vaidik Yadav

Commerce officer, Gnarly Troop

Sheetal Khandal

Gnarly State President for Maharashtra.

Pranav Pareek

Visionary officer