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“We cannot close ourselves off to information and ignore the fact that millions of people are out there suffering. I honestly want to help. I don’t believe I feel differently from other people. I think we all want justice and equality, a chance for a life with meaning. All of us would like to believe that if we were in a bad situation someone would help us.”

Gnarly Founder: One of the best indicators of success is the capacity to react swiftly and forcefully to setbacks in life. Not your athletic prowess, beauty, or the fact that you took first place in a pie-eating contest in year nine... It's an area I find absolutely fascinating because it predicts your overall gnarly success and happiness throughout your lifespan. Your capacity to adapt in troop and respond to the changing seasons of life. I've come to this conclusion about what it takes to develop resilience as a result of everything I've gone through, everyone I've talked to, and everything I've learned. We appreciate your participation in Gnarly Troop today.


Amarjeet Kr. Thakur, who is more popular as Amarjeet Gnarly among social activists, change makers, environmentalists, and peacekeepers, is a champion of strong people culture. His drive for increased diversity and inclusiveness has been recognized across the globe with great appreciation.

Based on Gnarly (Global Network for Active and Responsible Leadership amongst Youths) Troop’s inspirational journey over the last nine years, it can be firmly said that Amarjeet has all those leadership skills and mindset which help him harness bridge-building opportunities by keeping himself intact with the Gnarly Troop’s global mission.

Contact – president@gnarlytroop.com

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Global Board Committee

Gnarly Global Board Committee is the supreme board of Gnarly Troop which governs the structure & functioning of Gnarly Troop International. The Gnarly word is prefixed to each & every honourable position of this Gnarly Global Board Committee.Renowned & eminent personalities from reputed positions in the army, the central universities, the central government and international organisations are given consideration for the GGBC. Gnarly Troop's global president serves as the chair of the GGBC.

Chief Advisor Prof. O. P. Sharma, the leader of the group, is a renowned motivational expert, personality developer, and counselor of the highest caliber. Our Chief Advisor is a distinguished educator with experience as a judge, principal, and director. CEO, Chief Consultant, Chairman of the Advisory Council, as well as taking a few briefs to the Supreme Court and High Court. He currently serves as the president of the Omini Health Foundation and the Director General of the Maharishi Group of Institutions. He is currently leading a group of consultants working to operationalize the Maharishi University of Information Technology in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He has written thirteen books. His most recent book is called "Value Management." He is a fantastic catalyst for inspiring others to live life to the fullest and to advance and uphold value-based professionalism.

Email id : ops@opsharma.in, chfadv@gnarlytroop.com, Ph. : 011-40520815, 9582804820

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Gnarly Reporting Body

It’s headed by a Gnarly Wing Commander where Troops/State Secretary report regarding projects, status of mission & / for action which needs to be taken for a particular situation/crafted plan.

Joint Director Education Wing Commander KHN Singh as Gnarly Commander.

Wing Commander KHN Singh has made a name for himself in the public and private sector as a "People Friendly" administrator. He is endowed with troop spirit and is equipped with all the knowledge and skill set for administrative assignments. On May 15, 2014, he was appointed Gnarly Commander of Gnarly Troop.

Smart in his dealings, completely focused on the administrative side of people, and knowledgeable about governance ethics WG CDR KHN Singh,in his progression from principal to command education officer to joint director, Cdr. KHN Singh has received numerous accolades for his exemplary professionalism and performance that is focused on results. His "No Nonsense" attitude has made him popular with every member of staff, including subordinates and superiors. An adherent of the four Ds: discipline, devotion, duty, and dedication Wing Commander KHN Singh has a soldierly appearance that should inspire others.

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Gnarly Troop High Commission

With the help of President Gnarly and the Gnarly Global Board Committee, it is run by Gnarly Brigadier. There are 19 important positions in the Gnarly High Commission, where 12 are women who represent the Twelve main wings, missions, and objectives as Gnarly Special Envoys.

Gnarly Troop Council Division : The Gnarly Troop Council is in-charge of initiatives in education, cultures, religion, administration, and science & art. It oversees libraries as well. The council is solely in-charge of the standards and personnel on various accountable positions.

Gnarly International Federation: It was created to work on international dialogues that look at the issues surrounding global expansion and settling disagreements and counterfeit goods discovered along the way. The president of Gnarly Troop directly oversees this division.

Gnarly Political Borders Forum : This department is involved in fostering political ties between the citizens and governments of different countries. The department's top officer is Gnarly Charter.

Gnarly Management Forum : This is in charge of managing all human resources and financial assets while supporting all front-line departments. Chief financial officer is in-charge of this division.

Gnarly Press & Communications Centre : The Gnarly Information Center regularly updates the personnel who need to be informed enough to prepare for the mission ahead. Additionally, it influences the "shooting of the gnarly times," where Gnarly Troop is with nearly all prestigious colleges, schools, rural, and urban areas (worldwide) regarding its ongoing activities and mission with camera of Gnarly Troop Bureau to recruit or engage youth regarding internships and work on Gnarly projects. To lead the gnarly journey in the world, this is in charge of outlining and promoting the gnarly troop policies and themes. It has been designed strategically and technically to facilitate in-person interactions with the Gnarly Troop symbol. Here, GT20 plays a crucial role.

Trade & investment Section : It serves as the Gnarly Troop's promotional vehicle and is in charge of handling business transactions.

Visa department : It is vitally important to examine the entry clearance services for travelling to and relocating to other countries, and it is accountable for all compliance with the relevant organisation and government.

& needful tact. It also influence “shooting of the gnarly times” where Gnarly Troop are with almost all eminent colleges, schools & rural and urban areas (worldwide) regarding its ongoing activities and mission with camera of Gnarly Troop Bureau to recruit or engage youth regarding internship and work on Gnarly projects. This is responsible for presenting and promoting the gnarly troop policies and themes to lead the gnarly journey in world. It has been strategically & technically crafted to set up personal interactions with symbol of Gnarly Troop. GT16 plays here vital role.

Trade & investment Section : it is promotion vehicle of Gnarly Troop which is accountable for trade & economic relations.

Visa department : it crucially examines the entry clearance services for visiting and moving to other countries and responsible for all compliance with organization and government concerned.

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