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Welcome to Gnarly Troop Global Federation which рrоvіdеѕ уоu with the priceless орроrtunіtу to travel, immerse yourself in different cultures & adventure into new places, opening your mind and heart to new people and соmmunіtіеѕ. Membership with Troops undertake services lосаllу, nаtіоnаllу and internationally to bring аbоut роѕіtіvе сhаngе іn роlісіеѕ аnd рrасtісеѕ. It іѕ a grеаt еxреrіеnсе that you will be on mission for Gnarly Troop’s 4Cs vision i.e. Climate, Community, Culture and Cooperation.

Gnarly Troop wish you all the best for association with its Rich
Royal Blue & Gray tag

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Note:- Benefits and Rules of Membership of Gnarly Troop Global Federation-

  • International Dialogues
    International exposure and respective assigned Troops meet in either Dubai/ London/ Kathmandu/ New York/ Bali / Thimphu/ Delhi NCR. Lead the forum of Global Network for Active and Responsible Leadership amongst Youths.
  • Award and Recognition

    In the beginning :- We are here to welcome you with Gnarly Troop T-shirt, Badge, Greeting Letter of Gnarly Troop Global Federation. And then you start Gnarly Troop internship or Troop Mission, campaigning & Inter cultural projects with Troop from worldwide.

    During your action: The Gnarly Troop award ceremony is a celebration of commitment and a commission to a higher duty and responsibility of Gnarly Troop Envoys, Youth _for GNARLY TROOP &/ Interns which recognizes past accomplishments, potential to do more, and a partnership for global development and peace.

    Volunteers/ Memebers/ Interns are entitled to join the Youth Exchange Program/ Intercultural Troop Program where Efforts of Troops, Members and Interns are recognised for:- Troop of the Influence Award, Best Business Idea Award, Best Volunteer, Constant Contributor Award, Best Intern for the year, Best Troop for Climate action/ Community change/ Intercultural exchange/ Cooperation, Positive Participator Award for Photography, Getting Busy with It Award, Hop-Skip-Jump On it Award, Round of Applause Award, Making a Difference Award, Team Impact Award, Gnarly lady, Gnarly Troop Voice of the Year, which is a beauty for development program and creating a sense of pride that encourages young people to utilize their skills and ability for community before world media on gnarly map. Founder and /President of Gnarly Troop may elect you as Gnarly Troop Envoy International to act as Gnarly Charter (Higher rank official woman or person).

  • Convenient Assignment
    A minimum of 4 Goals (out of 5 Goals from Mission Letter) must be successfully enacted or completed by members/ Troop and official presentation / projects (based on Climate, Community, Culture and Cooperation) to be sent via email to the United Nations, Hon’ble Lok Sabha Speaker, President and Prime Minister Office.
  • 33% seats will be reserved for female candidates.
  • Grey &/ Blue badge of Gnarly Troop
    Your sincere commitment and influence for the community change will be considered excellent to earn higher ranked Troop honour with Grey & Blue badge.
  • Rights for Members of Gnarly Troop Global Federation

    # Right to participate and vote at the Gnarly Troop Global Federation Annual General Meeting (AGM) or other national & international conferences or join Troop Camping, International Internship or Volunteering abroad program organized by Gnarly Troop Global Federation.

    # Add grace in your c/v with these two lines: - “Executive or Organising Member of Gnarly Troop Global Federation.” “Climate Action Delegate in GT20 Summit (Year of Participation & Country).”

  • Exploration with value addition
    In terms of Visiting places, Law and orders, Experience the cultural Relationships and be ready for The Troops of the Influence Award which is presented each year at the GT20 Summit.
  • Interaction with Media & being part of Documentary
    Publishing the names and records on the website for your remarkable leadership.
  • Certification
    Get an Internship and Membership Certificate, Troop Recognition Letter, Letters of recommendation and Experience Letter of this International organisation.
  • Camping and Mission with Troops on international dialogues
    Each year, Top 20 Girl Troops and 20 Boy Troops are selected for Gnarly Troop Adventure, Camping and Abroad Volunteering.
  • Goodwill and having great C/V
    Interaction with top level ambassadors and international communities. Great impression with Professional Visiting Card tagging Gnarly Troop Global Federation Membership and Lifetime Tax Exemption benefits.
  • Cooperation with code of conduct
    In the General Meeting, members use Honourable Troop when referring to one another. Members are not permitted to address each other directly with names because of maintaining dignity and Cooperation.
  • Executive members are those who serve on the organization's strategic planning and advisory committee, while organizing members are tasked with implementing policies and leading the mission of the Gnarly Troop Global Federation in Troop Jersey. The executive members are classified as the Gnarly team while the organizer members are classified as the Troop team. Introductory Members are the youths with distinguised personality for Global Social Responsibility from top institutions or universities of the world who are being assigned the roles of hosting conferences, volunteering, internship, camping and Troop mission.

    * The membership fee is neither refundable nor transferable in any case and membership may be cancelled if not working or following the guidelines and/ directions of Gnarly Troop Global Federation Board.

    Honourable Lok Sabha Speaker OM Birla & Amarjeet Gnarly launching the 4C's Vision of GT20

    Parliament of India (Bhāratīya Sansad) number based membership in Gnarly Troop Global Federation*

    Seats for Members: 788*

    245 Members are in Rajya Sabha

    Same numbers to be in GNARLY TEAM (The members keep interest in official concerned Affairs and support strategic management and planning in Blue badge)

    543 Members are in Lok Sabha

    Same numbers to be in TROOP TEAM (The young members inspired with Adventure, Camping, Mission oriented movement and Affairs with Grey badge)

    Bank Detail for the Deposit / Transfer of Amount.

    Gnarly Troop Global Federation Bank Details.

    HDFC BANK Account No. : 50200083401132

    IFSC Code : HDFC0000003

    Branch : K G MARG (C.P.), NEW DELHI-110001.