This international organisation works with 4 Cs vision i.e. Climate, Community, Culture and Cooperation and hosts GT20 Summit with embassies of 20 Countries. The resourceful entrepreneur/ business icon/ officer/ Youth ambassador/ scientist/ doctor/ Engineer/ Teacher/ social activist & / Intellectual who has been or wishes to be donor / contributor for Gnarly Troop Global Federation may be considered as Member in Gnarly Troop Global Federation for Loyal tag of Global responsible Personality to stand by distinguished social services.

What can we do here with Gnarly Troop tag?
Your mission is as bold as ours. To solve the world’s toughest problems.

(Letter of Membership and GT20 Summit invitation will be communicated via Speed Post; all members to be communicated with Embassies of 20 Countries and Prime Minister / President of the hosting country of GT20 Summit every year).

Our gift would be GT20 T-shirt, Cap and Magazine at your door, so please select your T-shirt Size" in Membership form

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Note:- Benefits and Rules of Membership of Gnarly Troop Global Federation-

  • Right to participate and vote at the Gnarly Troop Global Federation Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Participation in Gnarly Troop Global Federation sponsored events at a discounted registration fee)
  • Opportunity to participate in GT20 Summit or other national & international conferences or events organized by Gnarly Troop Global Federation.
  • Member access to Gnarly Troop Global Federation website to share information with other Gnarly Troop Global Federation members and may be given opportunities to be published or promoted on website as sponsor/ valuable partner.
  • Permission to use Gnarly Troop Global Federation logo to demonstrate that you are a member to the World top Standard Universities, colleges, institutions and Embassies.
  • Enter into exchange opportunities with other individual members of Gnarly Troop Global Federation.
  • Fully right to join Troop Camping, International Internship & Volunteering abroad program.
  • Add grace in your c/v with these two lines: -
    • “Active member of community development project of Gnarly Troop Global Federation.”
    • “Climate Action Delegate in GT20 Summit (Year of Participation & Country).”
  • * Affiliate membership is open to all non-government organizations and networks, national or international in nature, whose primary mandate is directly related and/or complimentary to the aims and objectives of the Gnarly Troop Global Federation but which are not eligible to join the Federation as full members.

    * Annual subscription fee of membership is only 20% of first payment mentioned above except in the case of Life Fellow Membership as it is life time fee in one time.

    * The membership fee is neither refundable nor transferable in any case and membership may be cancelled if not working or following the guidelines and/ directions of Gnarly Troop Global Federation Board.

    Honourable Lok Sabha Speaker OM Birla & Amarjeet Gnarly launching the 4C's Vision of GT20

    Parliament of India (Bhāratīya Sansad) number based membership in Gnarly Troop Global Federation*

    Seats for Members: 788*

    245 Members are in Rajya Sabha

    Same numbers to be in GNARLY TEAM (The members keep interest in official concerned Affairs and support strategic management and planning in Blue badge)

    543 Members are in Lok Sabha

    Same numbers to be in TROOP TEAM (The young members inspired with Adventure, Camping, Mission oriented movement and Affairs with Grey badge)

    Bank Detail for the Deposit / Transfer of Amount.

    Gnarly Troop Global Federation Bank Details.

    HDFC BANK Account No. : 50200083401132

    IFSC Code : HDFC0000003

    Branch : K G MARG (C.P.), NEW DELHI-110001.