Drug control

Participants may be considered from their campuses and institutions with one or more gnarly factors / issues mentioned below which further correlate with arts of different corners of world, research on religions, finance, accounting, science, strategic management, health education services to perform with their individual & / Group capacity then further write to world level organizations and Prime Minister of India with their evaluation on international dialogues as Gnarly Troop

  • » Individual identify gloom.
  • » Cross borders relationship with symbol of gnarly troop.
  • » Religious conflicts resolving tact.
  • » Work for HIV & fatal disease and awareness.
  • » Heritage & cultures.
  • » Communal harmony.
  • » Sports, arts and entertainment.
  • » Birth control, social and economic exploitation awareness along with other social issues.
  • » Rehabilitation of widows, divorcee, destitute, handicapped.
  • » Women empowerment and spiritual power.