The workshop with movement* to breathe with pride. This gnarly gathering has been scheduled with a successful encounter and training for the constructions of useful practices regarding the environment with gnarly core focus to build and promote a safe, diverse and sustainable global environment by involving youth and social group in its work, while simultaneously advancing the socioeconomic and cultural well being of the people of World. The training program and/ workshop will be based on the discussion of important topics like climate change, living sustainability, youth leadership, media campaigning and more. The presentation of the ideas would be realized during magistrate conference, panel debates, work groups and table dialogues, the developing community, social transformation and common welfare.

Our programme, which strives to create a harmonious balance between academic demands, sporting and cultural activities, and community life.

The gnarly troop is intended to foster an ethical and public-minded approach and gives emphasis to the concepts of meritocracy, pluralism, and civil society. It is designed to enhance students’ academic excellence, their sense of civic responsibility, their understanding of global issues, and their analytical and study skills. The programme reflects an understanding of and great sensitivity to the local languages, history, cultures and environment.

We have defined our gnarly structure to achieve the Educational Enrichment with sustainable development and peace with 5 Missions.

According to achieve this vision, there are 5 missions and known here as GT5 Mission.

1) Spreading Peace Education: To develop and spread many educational contents in support of the value of peace and dignity of life in order to end war and establish a peaceful world.

2) Pioneers of Peace Education: To take the lead of a culture of peace through designing and Practicing activities to cultivate the spirit of coexistence, harmony, share, and respect.

3) Harmony (transcending the barrier of races, religions, ideologies, nationalities): To arrange events where members boost their mutual understanding with preventing any conflict or discrimi nation grounded on races, religions, or ideologies.

4) Youth Empowerment: For youth to recognize their role and raise their voice for peace with Youth Empowerment Education and its Follow-up Program as responsible leaders to make a peaceful world.

5) Gnarly Troop International Conciliation: To build up a worldwide network - a conciliation of all youth around the world to protect youth themselves on their own.

Mission GT5 is powered by IPYG.