Why Attend GT20


Earth’s global climate is changing and it is observable due to its effects on environment. Its scale is unprecedented and would be catastrophic in near future.

This Year, the GT20 Summit will focus on key sector where action can make the most difference—heavy industry, nature-based solutions, cities, energy, resilience, and climate finance. Gt20 Summit with top institutions and organizations from worldwide and envoys from different regions will report on what they are doing, and what more they intend to do when they convene in the summit for the Gnarly Troop climate conference, where commitments will be renewed and may be increased.

The GT20 Summit aims to create awareness on young people about climate change and the relation between climate and gas, climate and energy, climate and recycling, climate and forest, climate and water.

We are also going to define the facts about these issues in the world and created/defined some activities about these issues as a preparation of Youth Exchange Activities with all partners attending GT20 Summit.


Community is a circle in which common life is living. Community is a group of people with a definite area or locality and having a strong sense of belongingness among each other and includes in itself all our social relationships.

We all are attending this GT20 Summit to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results.

The eminent representatives from Twenty countries will be working to strengthen new frameworks for development, disaster risk reduction and climate change. To encourage the protection of human rights and the empowerment of women, minorities and the poorest & most vulnerable, the GT20 Summit partners need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals with the youth as troops to focus the global debate on key development issues (i.e., Educational and Cultural Enrichment), providing new measurement tools, innovative analysis and often controversial policy proposals.

We researched in rural areas of Bihar and have undertaken to develop a less privileged village of Bihar for healthy living and education with Internship program through Gnarly Troop Academy. Together we can expand these types of Gnarly green models in other regions and states too.


Culture is not inheritable but is learned and shared in every aspect of human lives. Culture shapes the personality of individuals and give rise to diversity.

Our mission with Intercultural dialogue is the exchange of views and opinions between different cultures in and at GT20 Summit.

Unlike multiculturalism, where the focus is on the preservation of separate cultures, intercultural dialogue seeks to establish linkages and common ground between different cultures, communities and people, promoting understanding and interaction. With 20 countries and many more cultural groupings and identities, intercultural dialogue is essential for avoiding conflict and the marginalization of citizens on the basis of their cultural identity.

@GT20 Summit cultural bonding propose all government bodies, institutions, corporate houses and alumni from worldwide to promote Growth, Journey, Adventure, Humanitarian duties, cultural understanding and raise awareness of global issues in our youth and help them develop into responsible and caring global citizens. The Cultural Volunteers module of GT20 Summit has also been designed to foster cultural awareness and volunteerism among participants.

The participants of GT20 Summit may be permitted to deliver a Group and individual Project (usually a video or presentation) about their experiences and lead for cultural enrichment programs.


Cooperation is the foundation of the Unity. This unity allows the society to exist. Consensus holds society together and it is cooperation which points up and strengthens the harmony.

"Gt20 Summit with 4C's (Climate, Community, Culture and Cooperation) vision views this world with curiosity that the bright day break of peace & brotherhood can become a reality. GT20 Summit declared itself the collaboration venue to stand by the global action of preserving humanity, optimizing the way of justice and performance improvement with Climate, Community, Culture and Cooperation. So GT20 Summit invites you for the better future on this planet to experience the glorious tomorrow with initiatives and talks related to Economic Growth, Technology and Social & Culture.

"We recognize the role of travel and tourism (which may also include community development projects, international internship, intercultural exchange programs and volunteering abroad) as a vehicle for job creation, economic growth and development so we will work towards developing travel facilitation initiatives in support of job creation, quality work, poverty reduction and global growth." We also invite secretaries and ministers of Tourism departments and Commissioners of Economic Development Boards of different states and countries to attend the Gt20 Summit.

There is no impossible, together we can write the letter of our 4C's vision to this universe from different nations benignly.