Meet the Troop Team

The troop is actually run by its Youth leaders. With the guidance of the Troop coordinator and his assistants, they plan the program, conduct troop meetings, and provide leadership among their peers. Many Troops will modify the requirements of Troop leadership positions to fit the size of their Troop and other individual Troop needs. With the above problems in mind, we decided to expand the requirements in a way that more clearly spells out what a Troop has to do during his tenure of the position, in order for the Troop coordinator to happily sign off the "Troop position" requirement in his book.

Pulkit Bathla

Troop InterCulture Representative

Priyanka Chhawri

Troop Vice Coordinator

Priya Sharma

Arrow of the Representative

Mantu Yadav

Web Contents Designer

Shashi Kant

Weather Man

Rakesh Kumar

Assistant Commercial Officer

Mohik Singh

Junior Assistant Visionary Officer

Sheenu Goyal

Assistant Patrol Leader

Devesh Tiwari

Junior Troop Recruiter

Vedika Trivedi

Troop Data Manager

Shyam N Das

Troop Instructor

Deepak Chaudhary

Troop Program Developer

Kuldeep Bainsla

Troop Project Planner


Troop Campaign Leader


Troop Historian

Vaishali Kaushik

Junior Troop Librarian