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Welcome to Gnarly Troop Global Federation for its 4Cs vision i.e. Climate, Community, Culture, and Cooperation.

A passionate NPO that strives to make a positive impact on the world. This organization is made up of individuals who are committed to creating a better world for Global Network for Active & Responsible Leadership amongst Youths. “Welcoming you in a culture of spirit, cooperation, and honor with valuable collaboration and resources. The reputed organizations and institutions in the Summit of Gnarly Troop for Twenty Countries (GT20 Summit) lead the movement to make this world greener and more cooperative with rich culture and community.

About Us

History of Gnarly Troop

The name given, Gnarly Troop, was honourable in and of itself. Borders, religion, caste, colour, and creed have no bearing on this organisation. Gnarly Troop looks at this world with curiosity, hoping that the dawning day of peace and brotherhood can become a reality. The need for preserving humanity, maximising the administration of justice, and benevolently enhancing culture and tradition around the world gives rise to a non-profit organisation. It was conceptualised and founded by a champion of universal bonding, Amarjeet Gnarly in 2013. We are Believers who only want a better future; we as TROOP stand up for the culture of cooperation in Grey and / or Blue colours.

In Gnarly Troop’s logo, the blue color represents the sky, the grey color represents the earth, and the harmony between these two different yet compatible colors delivers a message that despite differences in identities, faiths, and practices, humankind can also live peacefully and happily with each other. Moreover, the entire human family should unite for Climate, Community, Culture, and Cooperation to ensure the peaceful sustenance of all the inhabitants of this universe.

Gnarly Troop Global Federation for Internship, Membership and Certificate Recognition

Organization Name : Gnarly Troop Global Federation.

Vision : Climate, Community, Culture, and Cooperation

Mission : Global Network for Active and Responsible Leadership amongst Youths (GNARLY)*

Agenda : Intercultural cooperation for Economy Growth, Technology, Social & Culture and Environment.

Motto: We are Young because we survived; we survived because we have been Troop, Gnarly Troop!

Official Colours : Sky Blue & Moon Grey.

Host : GT20 Summit in different countries, Volunteering Abroad Program and International Internship to define the structure of Global Social Responsibility.

Current Project: Villages Adoption, Rural Development Centre, Youth Exchange Convention Centre, Troop Academy, GT20 Summit Kathmandu, 2023; GT20 Summit, London, 2024 and Camping with intercultural Troop from different regions of world.



We allow only highly ambitious people with troop mindset to join us. Your fitness and IQ level also matters to get into the organization.

GT20 (Gnarly Troop for Twenty Countries) Summit in different countries.

The GT20 (Gnarly Troop for Twenty Countries) Summit is an international forum that invites Ambassadors, Diplomats, professors, Scientists, Doctors, Judges, Young Leaders, CEOs of Public & Private Companies, Academicians, and Global Leaders for its agenda i.e. economic growth, technology, environment, social & culture. GT20 summit is hosted by Gnarly Troop Global Federation to empower global development and facilitate the emergence of a world without borders where all young people have the right to education and sustainable development through thoughts, words, and actions in local communities by utilizing the energies, resources, and abilities to build a more positive global society.

Gnarly Troop encourages individuals, communities, and businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices and promote sustainable development. It recognizes the importance of intercultural sensitivity, addressing complex social and environmental issues in today's globalized world.

Volunteering and Interning with Gnarly Troop is a unique opportunity to gain direct exposure to their mission and projects.

Gnarly Troop is dedicated to world development, climate, community, culture, and cooperation. As a volunteer or intern, you can work on projects related to these fields and help make a difference in the world. You can learn about different cultures, work with local communities, and experience the world in a way that is not possible through traditional internships. This is no ordinary mission of the organisation which people with normal jobs and normal lives understand. It is different. It exists on the road. The road, where you see the world running not on AC and electricity but on sweat and blood. The road, where you learn not only from PPTs or spreadsheets but also from rivers and mountains. The road, where politics and hypocrisy is not the culture but compassion and cooperation is. Welcome to the never before seen amalgamation of the strange, the familiar, the known, the unknown, the dreams, the aspirations, the change, the vision, the inspiration.

There are two ways for Youth to join this organization. Either you are representing any college/ University/ Institution with capability to act as GT Envoy or directly observed by GT High Commission during your Internship with us.

The GT Envoys Mission is an initiative of Gnarly Troop Global Federation to making the Troops from world-wide more open & connected through Climate action, community development projects, inter-cultural interaction and cooperation for troop mission where It doesn’t matter how many people you ask – at the end of the day very few experiences will fill you with as much gratitude and fulfilment as volunteering abroad and camping with Troops. Being able to engage in the altruistic act of giving back to communities, promoting good and improving the quality of life of others is something that can only benefit everyone involved.

"Every person has the power to make a difference, no matter how small their contribution may seem.”

Rural Development and Adopted Village

Gnarly Troop is an NPO that has taken the initiative to adopt a village called Bakhri, located in the Paigambarpur Panchayat of Bihar state. Our main focus is on the 4Cs - Climate, Community, Culture, and Cooperation. We believe that by working towards these areas, we can help bring about sustainable development and a better standard of living for the people of Bakhri. We are encouraging children to attend school regularly and providing them with educational resources to enhance their learning. Our team is also conducting adult literacy programs to ensure that adults have access to quality education as well. We are providing them with necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter, and also ensuring that they have access to healthcare facilities.

Gnarly Troop empower 1500+ Villagers and Rural Development Programs

Community engagement is a vital area of work for Gnarly Troop. The NPO works towards empowering local communities and ensuring that they have access to basic necessities such as education, healthcare, and clean drinking water. Our team is working closely with the community to raise awareness about the adverse effects of climate change and to implement eco-friendly practices.

Handicrafts, Culture and Empowering women with Entrepreneurship skills.

We are organizing skill-building workshops for the youth and adults at our Rural Development Centre to equip them with essential skills that can help them earn a livelihood. We believe that by providing skill-building opportunities, we can contribute towards the socio-economic development of the village. We understand the importance of preserving the environment and promoting sustainable living practices so we took the initiative for Handicrafts, Culture and Empowering women with Entrepreneurship skills. Gnarly Troop Global Federation President recently announced that the Exhibition abroad and gifting beautiful Indian culture handmade to the delegates of GT20 Summit and International conferences in different countries will be a crucial lead of the organisation for helping women and entrepreneurship skills on world map. We are also providing training and resources to farmers to help them adopt sustainable farming practices that reduce their carbon footprint.

Gnarly Troop Global Federation which never declares that our times are the worst the world has seen but claims our times as best; and she or he who claims this, all revelation, all science, all history witnesses is right and will be right forever more. And I launched the GT20 Summit (the Sumit of Gnarly Troop for Twenty Countries) with the mission of engaging youth to a better place for 4C's vision (i.e. Climate , Community, Culture and Cooperation) while advancing leadership, responsibility and status. -

Amarjeet Gnarly (Founder of Gnarly Troop)
GT Charter

Gray &/ Blue Badge of Gnarly Troop

Your Sincere commintment and influence for the community change will be considered excellent to earn higher ranked troop honoured with Gray & Blue badge.

We allow only highly ambitious people with troop mindset to join us. Your fitness and IQ level also matters to get into the organization. Welcome to Gnarly Troop Global Federation for Certification, Honor and Status with Royal Blue and Grey tag. With Gnarly Troop, you experience the priceless орроrtunіtу to travel, immerse yourself in different cultures & adventure into new places, opening your mind and heart to new people and соmmunіtіеѕ.