About Us

About Us

History of Gnarly Troop

Gnarly Troop looks at this world with curiosity, hoping that the dawning day of peace and brotherhood can become a reality. The name given, Gnarly Troop, was honourable in and of itself. Borders, religion, caste, colour, and creed have no bearing on this organisation. We are on a journey where we can discover amazing feelings alongside the difficult truths of the past to experience a glorious tomorrow in harmony and peace! We are dreamers, and no obstacle is strong enough to stop us from moving forward. People refer to us as the "Gnarly Troop." The need for preserving humanity, maximising the administration of justice, and benevolently enhancing culture and tradition around the world gives rise to a non-profit organisation. We are Believers who only want a better future; we stand up for the weak, and we are everywhere. No situation is impossible because we are explorers.

Words of Gnarly Troop Founder ‘Amarjeet Thakur’ (An Indian) in his book “Emptiness of Pride” for Gnarly Troop:- "The ability to respond with agility and strength in someone's loneliness is one of the greatest predictors of being a troop. Not talent, nor beauty, sporting abilities or the fact that I won a pie-eating competition in year nine.. I have rinsed my eyes continuously to adapt and respond in many ups & downs throughout this lifespan to create my inner self, Earlier being alone in the ground at night(s) for building the hope because there was none except me who could find either the key or the door to open to reach you today as Gnarly Troop Founder. I find myself simply fascinating..! Thank you all for joining Gnarly Troop today."

The Foundation's goal is to give underprivileged kids the academic mentoring, pre-vocational training, and social and emotional support that they sorely need. The foundation's mission is to give people the technical and strategic tools they need to overcome early educational inequality and then fully participate in the creation of a gnarly society.

"It born to live with a mission that the full Moon Night for silent lips of everyone!! "