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GT20 SUMMIT, 20th October - 21st October 2022, New Delhi

Welcoming you in a culture of spirit and self for Loyalty, Cooperation and Honor with Troop T-shirt & GT20 Memento.

GT20 Summit Official Colors: Blue & Grey.

The people with you on this this International Forum of GT20 Summit will be here to make this world more green and cooperative with rich culture and community.

Award for "your great achievement and contribution to the society" during Cultural Nights with Celebrities in GT20 Summit.

Fill up the online form and mark the date of your availability to grace the occasion of GT20. ,

Group of 20 Countries

The GT20 (or Gnarly Troop of Twenty) is an international forum for the Ambassadors, Diplomats, Professors, Scientists, Doctors, Judges, Young Leaders, CEOs of Public & Private Companies, Academicians, Entrepreneurs, Global Leaders and Youth Icons from 20 countries. Gnarly Troop Founded in 2013 with the aim to discuss policy pertaining to the promotion of international cooperation, Inter cultural education and Sustainable Development with Cooperation and Humanitarian duties. The GT20 has expanded its vision after inviting heads or representatives of government, head of states, diplomats & bureaucrats, as well as , leaders of different organizations have periodically conferred at summits ever since. It seeks to address issues that go beyond the responsibilities of any one organization for Climate, Community, Culture & Cooperation.

" GT20 to bridge the global development divide and facilitate the emergence of a world without borders where all young people have the right to education and sustainable development through thoughts, words and actions in local communities, by utilizing the energies, resourcefulness and abilities of young people to mobilize young people to make the commitment to eradicate poverty, close the divide between humanity, and build a more positive global society. " - Amarjeet Kumar Thakur (Founder, Gnarly Troop) "

Membership of the GT20 consists of representatives from 20 Countries with the slogan of Gnarly Troop _breath with pride*

Goals of GT20 Summit, New Delhi, 9th October - 10th October 2022:- Open Discussion Forum as Gnarly Troop Young Care Forum*:

Our mission is to inspire the world to follow their passion and help them get better at what they love to do.

Enhance the skill and connect with Professors, Judges, Ambassadors, IAS, IPS Officers, Lawyers, Army Officers of Higher ranks, Scientists, Diplomats, Doctors, Psychologists, Entrepreneurs, Economists, Business Analysts & Global Leaders who inspire you to achieve your goals.

Its an Open Discussion forum for the people & young citizens from worldwide to connect them with the community of concerned issues & experts. Global, Personal & Social issues and Innovative ideas can be shared and supported here with all due care, intelligence & available human resources.