Welcome you to cross - cultural relationships with local and global communities for strong brand reputations, climate action and great social impact.

This organization is dedicated to fostering positive and sustainable change across various domains that shape our world. We firmly believe that we can contribute to a better and more equitable future for all and our overarching vision is encapsulated by the 4C's - Climate, Community, Culture, and Cooperation, These principles guide our every endeavor. Our sponsorship tiers are thoughtfully designed to align with your corporate social responsibility goals, allowing you to choose between becoming a Title Sponsor or an Associate Sponsor, each with its own set of valuable benefits.

How to be part of Civic Society of GT20 Summit for lifetime?

We extend an opportunity for the reputed company or Institution to become an Institutional Member of the Gnarly Troop Global Federation for a nominal fee of only Rupees 5 Lakh (6000 USD).. This prestigious membership entitles you to permanent association with our organization, allowing you to select a tag that aligns with your vision or goals for the GT20 Summit. Institutional members need to pay only 50% of the sponsorship amount (subject to express your interest in advance).

For instance, if the Title Sponsorship amount for GT20 Summit Kathmandu-2023 is Rupees 20 Lakh (24000 USD), and your company becomes an Institutional Member with Rupees 5 Lakh (6000 USD), your contribution to become a Title Sponsor will be reduced to just Rupees 10 Lakh (12000 USD).

The Sponsorship is classified into two divisions a.) Title Sponsor b.) Associate Sponsor (i.e. Climate Partner/ Community Partner/ Culture Partner/ Bank Partner/ Knowledge Partner/ Media Partner/ Technology Partner/ any other category as per the sponsor's interest).

Title Sponsorship:

By becoming a Title Sponsor, your company's brand will take center stage, receiving full coverage throughout the summit. This prestigious level of sponsorship includes an exclusive exhibition space, introduction with brand logo, and special recognition for your remarkable contribution to economic growth. Your company will also be part of our cross-cultural initiatives, helping to build strong brand reputations, drive climate action, and create significant social impact.

Associate Sponsorship:

Our Associate Sponsorship offers various partnership categories such as Climate Partner, Community Partner, Culture Partner, Bank Partner, Knowledge Partner, Media Partner, or even a custom category based on your interests. As an Associate Sponsor, you will benefit from exhibition space, summit coverage, and special recognition based on the chosen category.

Both sponsorship tiers grant the following advantages:

We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with your company for a better future through the GT20 Summit. The GT20 Summit stands as a beacon of collaboration and impact, and we invite you to join us as a sponsor to contribute to its success and, more importantly, to make a lasting difference. We will also be happy to host you in GT20 Summit, London (United Kingdom), 2024.

Let us welcome you to the GT20 Summit. Thank you so much for your interest in partnering.

Note :

Thank you for considering this impactful partnership. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to express your interest in exploring this opportunity.

Warm regards,

Amarjeet Kumar Thakur

Secretary General, GT20 Summit ;
Founder & Global President, Gnarly Troop Global Federation;
Alumnus of Banaras Hindu University; Author- Emptiness of Pride.

Email : gt20summit@gmail.com, president@gnarlytroop.org
Phone : +91- 9654451858
Website : www.gnarlytroop.org